What does the word "Physical Therapy" means to you?

activi physiotherapy in karkur
!Activi – feel great again

Physical therapy is a basic need in our life- pain and limitation accompanies most of us at one point of our lives, and Physical therapy allows us to get back to how we like and want our lives to be.

But for many, Physical therapy is linked to a slow and disappointing process, that includes a superficial and insignificant treatment, and in many cases with only partial outcomes. Many of us accept pain and limitation as being a part of their lives.

This exactly is what we want to change. For a long time we have felt that we have the ability to provide excellent service , but lacked the proper tools. This is why we decide to found "Activi – physical therapy at the Moshava".

"Activi"  is a quality  Physical therapy clinic in the middle of Karrkur's Moshava that came to resolve our most basic need – to enjoy our movement without pain.

Our main objective is your quality of life and we promise you a quality, personal and professional service, so you can go back to yourself quickly, and with a smile on the way J.

Our team of physical therapists is experienced in working with athletes from many fields, as well as with everyday problems we all know' from back and knee pain to dizziness, head and jaw pain. In our "tool-box" we have many manual techniques, taping, western/dry needling,  methods like Mulligan and McKenzie to improve joint movement, medical massage, rehabilitating exercise, swelling bandages, electro-therapy and more.

Do you suffer from pain or limitation? Do you feel "you are not yourself lately?"

Don't hesitate, give us a call and we'll be happy to assist you.

C U in Activi- physiotherapy at the Moshava!